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Is Your Dog a Professional Begger for Food?


Is your dog a professional "begger"?  Jax has perfected the art of begging and offers these 5 tips on begging:  "First, when you hear any movement in the kitchen, you must react quickly - get there as fast as you can!  When your parent is preparing a meal in the kitchen, act very interested.  Do not take your eyes off of the prize!  Sit very patiently and still......If anything drops on the floor - it's yours so jump on it!  When in doubt of success, resort to the know the one;  big eyes, very every time!"

Yes, Jax has perfected his technique.  As parents of a persistent, begging pup, we should have been stronger, better trainers, blah, blah, blah. But begging has become a bit of a nuisance as we are afraid we may step on his sweet paws while we are busy preparing our food, not really paying attention to him as he is so persistently standing underneath our feet.  And let's be honest, people food is not good for our dogs - healthy dog food created especially for your baby is really the only thing they need.   A food that is not designed for dogs could unfortunately encourage poor health in your beloved dog.

Here are some tips for curtailing begging and hopefully getting our pups back on the "straight and narrow" road of healthy eating habits and will hopefully keep them from moving the behavior to your dinner table: 

  1. Observe your dog's actions. How does your dog beg? How often does he/her do it? Do they beg more than eat their own food? What moves give them the most attention? After being told "NO", does your dog hesitate or stop? This may not seem important but you should notice your dog's key moves they use the most.
  2. The most basic thing, don't give your dog food! Most people give in every once in a while. You have probably done it at least once. The problem? It gives them a reason to beg more because it increases their appetite for "good (people) food". 
  3. Get your family involved. Make sure you lay down the ground rules. If even one person in your family gives in, your effort may be compromised.
  4. Don't look at your dog when they're begging. This gives them attention. Which makes them think you have the intention of giving them food. Which sometimes, looking into your dog's eyes, makes you want to give them food. Attention encourages the behavior.
  5. Don't talk to your dog either! Many people say, "no you can't have food", while looking at your dog. But it's not helping.  Talking to your dog still gives them attention and encourages begging behavior. 
  6. No matter where you eat, ignore your dog 100%. Don't talk about them either. This is might be difficult to some because many cannot help but glance at your dog.
  7. Don't feel bad! Your dog has their own food and is well taken care of. After all, he is your dog. Know it's for his own benefit.
  8. Be consistent. If you ever slip-up once, that's going to give your dog motivation and hope. So don't give up!  Give it time and eventually the new behavior will sink in.  Continue to reinforce the new behaviors every day.

Good luck in your training!  Remember, the best thing to do is to never start feeding your pet people food. 


Have a great week!

Tabitha, Beau and Jax


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