Monogrammed Navy Seersucker - A Spring and Summer Preppy "Must Have"!

Monogrammed Navy Seersucker - A Spring and Summer Preppy "Must Have"!

 Navy Seersucker - A Spring and Summer Preppy "Must Have"!

Seersucker has always been a southern, preppy staple but has recently made a monogrammed resurgence all across the U.S.A.! So much so, you're going to see a lot of seersucker in Pink and Blue in our store for Spring and Summer! 

Often, we order samples from our vendors to not only test the merchandise - feel the texture of the material, etc. - but mainly to play with the colors of the monogram a little so we can better accommodate and make suggestions that best suit the needs of our customers when they call, email or chat online with us. Sometimes we order pieces just because we know it's going to look amazing, and that our customers are going to love it as much as we do.

We were absolutely thrilled when we received our monogrammed Navy Seersucker order. It was personalized and shipped to us very quickly - received in 5 days. When we opened the box, the Hot Pink monogram in Vine just seemed to "pop" off of the large Navy Seersucker Shoulder Bag and matching Accessories and Cosmetics Bag. It was truly accessory "love at first sight" - so eye catching! 

And our suspicions were correct; people are loving the seersucker. We have received tons of compliments each time we've carried the bags and our customers are loving them. Both pieces have been so handy for carrying iPads, paperwork and all sorts of necessities to ballgames and activities.

Our monogrammed Navy Seersucker pieces not only make great treats for yourself but also make wonderful personalized gifts for someone special for Valentine's Day, birthday or "just because".

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And while you're on our website,, also take a look at our Pink Seersucker Monogrammed Collection for girls which includes a Monogrammed Garment Bag!

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