Happy National Dog Day!

Happy National Dog Day!

Happy National Dog Day!

Today is a very special day in which we celebrate our dogs and our special bond with them. It is also a day created to promote Dog Adoptions. 

We found an excellent article from Golden Woofs that had some great ideas on how to celebrate NATIONAL DOG DAY with your special fur baby! 


8 Ways to Enjoy National Dog Day

1. Play With Your Dog 
Dogs and owners who play together build a stronger bond. “Life is too short, play with your dog.”
As a golden retriever, SUGAR loves to play anything that involves running, fetching and of course tennis balls.

2. TREAT Your Dog
Make special homemade dog treats that you can share with your dog. Summer heat is still lingering, make one of our easy frozen dog treats: 25 Homemade Frozen Dog Treats

3. Take Your Dog For A Car Ride
Many dogs, like SUGAR, love going for a car ride. SUGAR Safety is always our priority - she is always buckled in!

4. Go For An Adventure Walk
Explore a new walking route or a new park. When we visited downtown Los Angeles, SUGAR enjoyed an adventure walk to see buildings and sculptures.

6. Snap Photos Of Your Dog
Photographing your dog is a great way to commemorate your fun day.

5. Do All Things Dogs!
Take a day off from work. Spend the day with your dog and do all dog-friendly activities in your city. SUGAR is very lucky. There are lots of dog-friendly things to do in Southern California.

7. Give Back
National Dog Day is also a day to promote ADOPTION. There are many ways to help needy adoptable dogs. The Human Society shared 55 Ways to Help Animals. We help needy animals every day by walking and using ResQwalk app. Download ResQwalk and help needy animals one step at a time.

8. Give Your Dog All The Love He/She Deserves

Celebrate and Appreciate your Dog’s Unconditional Love and Loyalty!


How are you celebrating National Dog Day?


Resource Credit: Golden Woofs