Celebrate Pet I.D. and Dog Safety Month with BeauJax Boutique!

Celebrate Pet Identification and Dog Safety Month - BeauJax Boutique

Happy April! BeauJax Boutique is so excited about all of the special days that honor our fur kids this month, (i.e., National Pet Day, National Pet I.D. week, National Kids and Pets Day, National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day), that we are declaring it:

Celebrate Pet I.D. and Dog Safety Month!  

BeauJax Boutique was founded on the premise that dogs are a very important part of our families and we are dedicated to helping families keep their dogs safe, sound and the whole family happy! Throughout the month, we will be sharing with you some I.D. ideas and safety tips and showing you some of the products we use to help dog parents keep their dogs safe and healthy.  

To kick off the celebration, we have added a full line up of BRAND NEW to the market, coordinating personalized products for your dogs - collars, pet tags, leads, and bandanas! They not only keep your furry friend looking preppy and cute, but may also aid in getting them home to you quicker in case of an emergency.

All of these matching items can be customized with your dog's name and your phone number. There are 27 designs to choose from! Each design is special and unique, just like your dog! Here's one of our new Adorable Personalized Collars below:


Celebrate Pet Identification and Dog Safety Month - Adorable Personalized Dog Collars in 27 Designs! - Horses- BeauJax Boutique


Enjoy the celebration this month! And be on the lookout for giveaways and special promotions on products on social media!

Also, watch for more new, fun monogrammed safety and fashion accessories for your dog, (and cats too!), that are being added to our website daily:

  • Monogrammed Shirtless Button-Down Collars
  • Leather Embroidered Collar Slider Sets
  • Monogrammed Rain Jackets
  • Monogrammed Bow Ties with Matching Collar Sets
  • Monogrammed Hooded Bath Robes AND MUCH MORE!


    As Always, Yours In Furry Love and Best Wishes!

    BeauJax Boutique