Happy birthday to our very own Jax Hunter!  He is 1 year old today and has been such a blessing to our family.  We adopted him when he was about 11 weeks old from the Kentucky Dachshund Rescue, Inc. in Georgetown, KY.  Our decision to adopt was laden with "what-ifs".  What if  Beau, our older Dachshund, doesn't like him?  What if he is too much puppy for our docile Beau to handle?  What if Jax turns out to be aggressive and we have to make some tough choices?  What if potty training this sweet puppy is a nightmare?  What if he just doesn't fit in to our family? 

Guess what?  We have done just fine this past year!  He is thriving and is well adjusted.  As a puppy he just needed a lot of attention and of course a lot of training.  Jax is now chasing critters in our backyard, loves to play and rough house with his brother Beau and is very confident on his walks and does very well on-leash.  Jax loves to socialize with other dogs - the  "girls" love him! Potty training hasn't been a breeze but has slowly gotten so much better every day.

Beau, our older long-haired Dachshund, has been the true prince of the household, (his registered name is Prince Beauregard Alexander - fitting, don't you think?).  He has endured another dog coming into his territory, has shared his beloved bones and toys with him and has even guarded and protected him on our walks from other larger dogs.  He has played with Jax until he is ready to drop from exhaustion.  Beau, who was initially leary of this new relationship, now snuggles with him on their dog bed as though he wouldn't know what to do without him.   

Jax has truly been a blessing to our family and is a delight to us in so many ways.  He is smart, curious, fun to play catch with and his precious, innocent behavior makes us laugh and smile every day. And we are so proud to announce he is following in Beau's paw prints as becoming one of the greatest lap dogs that ever existed!  We love you - Happy Birthday baby Jax! 


Love -

Your family XOXOXO