Lilly and Her Family Knows Pet I.D. Tags Work!

I was recently enjoying a nice, sunny, morning walk in our neighborhood. It was warm, but not too hot, a light breeze was blowing, the birds were singing and squirrels were playing in the trees. I could hear the hums of lawn mowers and other lawn equipment of neighbors out working in their yards and every once in awhile a car would pass by. It was a perfect morning.

As I walked along, I suddenly realized I wasn't the only one who was enjoying a little jaunt that morning - a sweet little Yorkie dog was trotting toward me in the distance. Her legs worked as fast as they could; she flitted about and stopped often to take in all of the smells she could from a flower, bush or tree and would then leave her mark so her visit would be known by the other dogs. I also realized something else about the Yorkie ..... she was completely unattended. There wasn't a parent just around the corner, no one was watching from a front door. She was loose and alone.  

I became extremely concerned for her safety, so I carefully made my way closer to the little dog so she wouldn't be alarmed and run away. When I approached her, she cowered a bit, but after a quick sniff of my hand she decided it was okay to let me pat her sweet head as I tried to get a better look at the dog tag on her collar. We were fast friends!

I read her tag and said, "Oh, so you're Lilly! Your mom is a smart lady - not only did she put your name on your tag, she also put her phone number on your tag!"

Since Lilly wasn't wearing a leash, I picked her up, tucked her under my arm and away we walked while I anxiously tried to get in touch with her mom from my cell phone. Her mom wasn't answering, so I left a detailed message and we waited.

In the meantime, Lilly and I knocked on some doors and also spoke to a few neighbors that were working outside, but no one could positively identify Lilly, nor had any idea who she belonged to. I also sent out a few quick emails to a group in the neighborhood - no luck - no one knew her. One person suggested that I go ahead and call Animal Services to come and pick her up; I just felt it was too early for that, I had to keep trying to find her family.

Finally the return phone call came and I had Lilly's mom on the line! I could hear the angst mixed with gratitude in her voice as we talked. She explained that their family was out of town and that Lilly was being watched by a pet sitter who lived down the street from us.

She also explained that Lilly probably escaped through a small hole in their backyard fence - they hadn't gotten a chance to repair the fence before they went on vacation. And in getting ready for the trip, they had completely forgotten to mention the breach in their fence to the sitter.

We wrapped up our conversation, Lilly's mom thanked me profusely and I was able to get Lilly into safe hands immediately thanks to the information on her Pet I.D. Tag.

My experience with Lilly and her family is the very reason BeauJax Boutique began the journey of offering personalized products for dogs, especially collars and tags last year. Dogs can not speak for themselves and we believe in the necessity to provide them with every opportunity possible to be returned home safely should they become lost or displaced.  

I'm so thankful Lilly was suited with a dog tag with updated information so we could get her back to the family that loves her so much. She is a sweetie and would have been terribly missed!

Please take a look at our Personalized Pet Tags and Collars and help us keep more lost or displaced dogs and cats safe!

In Furry Love and Best Wishes!

Lilly and Her Family Knows Pet I.D. Tags Work!